Segment your list for maximum impact

Segment your list for better results

Segment your list for better results

If you’re like most email marketers, you want to get a lot of mileage out of each broadcast. You’ve worked hard and likely spent a fair amount of money to capture those leads, and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to communicate with them.

It is a simple concept, but having the discipline to send targeted messages is definitely worth the effort.

We recently worked with a client who was getting a lackluster open rate of about 10%, with about 2-3% clicks. They wanted to get the most bang for the buck, and so each time they put together an email broadcast or an offer, they blasted it to every single member of the list.

More alarming than the low responses was the fact that they were seeing their opt outs and complaints steadily climbing. In short, the list members were saying “enough!”

Here are a few simple things we put in place for them to reverse the trend. They have been thrilled to see their open rates more than double and over 50% at times, with clicks now consistently north of 15%.

  • Ask them what they want – This is easier than it sounds! As part of the prospect follow up sequence, we now send everyone a message that asks what they want to hear about.  Of course not everyone will answer, but when you explicitly ask and they tell you, that implied handshake will virtually guarantee your future messages will get opened.
  • Watch what they buy – If you are using Infusionsoft as your cart, this is a no-brainer.  If not, through a simple API integration you can track either categories of products or specific SKUs that the customer bought (or abandoned). Applying tags and filtering offers with these criteria makes sure that you are more relevant more often.
  • Watch what they do – As your marketing messages get more advanced, it is likely that you will incorporate different offer types.  Some are straight discounts, others are limited time offers, others are social proof messages incorporating testimonials or third-party reviews.  Customers tend to respond more to one type than another, so make sure you are sending them more of the offers that they respond better to.
  • Track their spend – You probably know some cheap people, and some who are a little more free with their spending.  Based on how many purchases a customer makes, and how much their average order is, you can tell a lot about them.  Try sending different messages to the big spenders (e.g. social proof) than you do to the cheapskates (e.g. deep discounts or limited time offers) and you might be surprised at the difference.
  • Know where they are – Many businesses use event marketing as part of their overall approach.  If you are not taking where a customer lives into account when you market to them you may be squandering precious opportunities to connect with them.  You can’t do this out of the gate in Infusionsoft, but we’ve created an easy way for you to do this with the Smart Location Tagger.

I hope this helps you refine your approach.  If you are struggling with the urge to send that broadcast to everyone on your list, we can help!

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