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Have you ever wondered what all of the different email statuses mean? Sure you already know about the easy ones, but what about Provided Feedback or a Hard Bounce? These statuses are a great barometer of the success of your marketing messages.  If you see the number of bad statuses creeping up, it is a sure sign that you need to do a better job of segmenting your list.

Before we get started with the individual statuses, it is important to note that Opt-ins and email statuses are tied to Email Addresses, not contacts.  It does not matter if an email address is shared between multiple contacts, companies, or users….the email address is what is affected, and will have the same status for eveyone.

The Good

Good Infusionsoft Email Statuses

Good Infusionsoft Email Statuses

  • Infusionsoft Double Opt-In Double Opt-In – If there is a best email status, this is it. Contacts that have double opted-in to your messages are your fans; they are the ones that have requested to hear about the things you have to say. Not only have these contacts verified that they want to receive your messages, but they will also be sent messages from a much more reliable delivery system.
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  • Infusiosmarts Single Opt-In Single Opt-In – Contacts that have single opted-in to your email list have already taken the first step by submitting a web form, order form, or called into your support staff and provided their email address. These folks have given you permission to market to them, but since they have not verified their interest, they may not be as committed as your double opted-in contacts.

The Bad

Bad Infusionsoft Email Statuses

Bad Infusionsoft Email Statuses

  • Infusionsoft Opt-Out Opt-Out – This person has chosen to no longer receive any marketing messages from you. Your contacts have the option to opt-out of your marketing communications with every email you send to them. To meet the CAN-SPAM act requirements, each time an email is sent from Infusionsoft, the contact is given a chance to opt-out of receiving you marketing messages.Did you know that by default Infusionsoft will opt your contact out of all campaigns? You have the ability to set up your lists so that your contacts can opt-out of the specific campaign.Even though these contacts have chosen to opt-out of receiving your marketing messages, your will still be authorized to send them one-off, non-broadcast messages within Infusionsoft.
  • Infusionsoft Opt-Out Admin Opt-Out: Admin – This person has been opted out by an Infusionsoft user. They may have sent an email to your support department, or called in and asked to be removed from your marketing list.
  • Infusionsoft Non-Marketable Non-marketable – The non-marketable contacts have never provided any evidence that they want to receive your marketing messages. The contacts may have been added to your list from an import, through the API , or you may have added an email to an existing contact. Just like contacts that have opted-out, you will not be able to send broadcast or follow-up sequence messages, but you can send one-off messages.
  • Infusionsoft Soft Bounce Soft Bounce – Soft bounced email addresses are similar to hard bounced addresses. The main difference is that the soft bounced address was most likely a temporary problem. For instance, if Infusionsoft receives a message that the email could be delivered due to a full inbox, the email address will be flagged as a soft bounce.
    Did you know that you can set up triggers to handle bounced email scenarios? Click here to learn how to set them up.

The Ugly

  • Infusionsoft Hard Bounce Hard Bounce – Hard bounced email addresses are those that are not deliverable; messages can become undeliverable when the mailbox no longer exists or the domain has gone away.
    Infusionsoft recommends purging hard bounced email addresses from your application since too many delivery attempts to a hard bounced email address may suggest to ISPs that your messages may be spam.
  • Infusionsoft Provided Feedback Provided Feedback – An ISP has reported to Infusionsoft that the contact has marked your message as spam. Some of the big email providers may provide their users a “Spam” or “Junk” button. When users click this button, then they have provided their feedback that your marketing message may not be what they expected to receive from you when they opted-in.
  • Infusionsoft Reported Spam Reported Spam – This is a very similar status as the Provided Feedback status, but rather than just clicking the “Spam” or “Junk” button, this contact reported the message directly to Infusionsoft via the Unsubscribe footer link in your email message.
  • Infusionsoft Invalid Email Invalid Email – Infusionsoft will try to validate email addresses before sending messages. When they find an email address that is does not meet the rules for a valid email address, they will flag it as invalid.


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