Selective Opt-Out

The default Opt-Out in Infusionsoft is a nuclear option. Once that person opts out, their email address is pretty much dead to you from there on out.

As you develop different informational campaigns to use with your email marketing, it is a great idea to give your subscribers a chance to let you down easy.  You can give them the option of stopping a particular sequence of emails rather than shutting you out cold.

To get started, log into your Infusionsoft app, hover over Setup, and click on Misc Settings.  In the left nav, you’ll click on Marketing Settings and then on the Links tab in the top navigation.

The middle section of the page is called Update / Opt-Out Links.  Just click on the Create Update / Opt-Out Link to get started.

Create a Selective Opt-Out Link

Create a Selective Opt-Out Link

In the window that pops up, you’ll want to give your new link a name, and leave the type selected as Opt-Out.  Enter the text you’d like to display in plain text and HTML emails when the person sees the link.


Once you’re done click the Save button and you’ll get some additional options, as shown in the screen shot.

In the Opt-Out Header field, include the specific name of the series that they will be opting out. In the Opt-Out Description field, you can enter some text that will be displayed at the same time.  It isn’t a bad idea to highlight the great value they get and what they will be missing if they do opt out – this is  your last chance to convince them!

You’ll also note that after you save the link you now see the Actions tab at the top of the window.  Click on that tab, and add an action to remove them from the particular sequence you want to stop.  It isn’t a bad idea to add a tag as well just in case you have a similar campaign in the future and you want to make sure you don’t offer it to them again.

I like to create a category called Action Taken and then include a tag such as Opted Out of Weekly Tips just to keep things clear.

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