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When I first began using the Infusionsoft API in early 2009 I had to figure a lot of things out on my own. Since then, I have learned many tips and tricks involving the Infusionsoft API by both trial and error and from the Infusionsoft Community Forums (specifically the API & Custom Development forum).

The main drawback for .Net developers is that most of the questions and discussions in the Infusionsoft Community Forum address Php code. Infusionsoft also provides a development iSDK for Php developers, but we poor .Net developers are left to our own devices.

While I recommend either using an exising, open source .Net SDK* or creating your own library, the samples provided in this series will work directly with the Infusionsoft API using Charles Cook’s XML-RPC.Net Library.

* I have not used the .Net SDK, but it seems to offer similar functionality to the Infusionsoft provided Php iSDK.

Because many new comers to the Infusionsoft API ask similar questions when getting started, this series of Infusionsoft API posts will address some of the common questions and tasks.