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Andy Michaels started off a process guy, working for Accenture for nearly a decade designing systems for Fortune 500 companies. Tech was always a hobby though, and he taught himself to code "for fun." Life threw him a curve in 2001, and after beating cancer he lost his taste for the suit-wearing, cubicle world and decided to slow things down a bit. Now he works from home, so don’t be surprised if you hear a dog (or three) barking in the background while you’re on the phone with him.

Selective Opt-Out

The default Opt-Out in Infusionsoft is a nuclear option. Once that person opts out, their email address is pretty much dead to you from there on out. As you develop different informational campaigns to use with your email marketing, it is a great idea to give your subscribers a chance to let you down easy.

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Creating Multiple Double Opt-In Links

When most people start using Infusionsoft, they generally don't use the Double Opt-In links, thinking the extra step will reduce their list size. When they do start using them because they realize that quality communication is better than quantity communication, they don't realize that you can create as many Double Opt-In Links as they need.

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Using Triggers to Handle Bounced Messages

Tracking bounced messages is a good way to monitor the health of your list. You can take the ostrich approach and just ignore them and keep pounding away at your list, but if you keep that up for long, you will begin to be known as a spammer, and your deliverability could suffer. Never fear!

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Use Javascript to Apply Conditional Tags

We had a client recently that wanted to apply tags based on the results to a short survey.  They were classifying prospects by asking a series of short multiple choice questions. All the answers taken together would determine which one of four categories the prospect fell into, and the client wanted to send

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