Infusionsoft API – Using OAuth with .Net

  Getting Started My first thought when firing up Visual Studio to start on the new Infusionsoft OAuth authentication was "this should be easy".  I underestimated the amount of time it would take for me get a project up and running. Once it was done, it ended up being pretty straight forward. I have also provided

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Finding, Creating and Updating Contacts

I don't recall an Infusionsoft API integration that I have developed that didn't include retrieving (or adding) a contact record and updating some value. In this post we will examine common contact service tasks that include looking up an Infusionsoft contact by email address and if the contact exists then updating a field value, and

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Configuration and Connection

The Infusionsoft API uses the XML-RPC protocol to encode XML calls over HTTP. For .Net development, I recommend using Charles Cook's XML-RPC.Net Library. All of the examples in this series will reference this library. Infusionsoft Application Setup In order to successfully use the Infusionsoft API, your Infusionsoft application must be setup to allow the communication.

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Getting Started with the Infusionsoft API

When I first began using the Infusionsoft API in early 2009 I had to figure a lot of things out on my own. Since then, I have learned many tips and tricks involving the Infusionsoft API by both trial and error and from the Infusionsoft Community Forums (specifically the API & Custom Development forum). The

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Run a Saved Report with Infusionsoft API and Classic ASP

I have not had a chance to look over the new Infusionsoft API SearchService until recently when a friend had some issues getting one of the search results methods to work properly. Below is the final page that executes the report and writes the fields. [sourcecode language="vb"] <!--#include virtual="/aspxmlrpc/code/xmlrpc.asp" --> <% 'key is the encrypted

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